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Cutting Carbs


I wanted to injection mold a functional product that my friends and I could all enjoy, since the focus was to make multiples of a part.  My friends and I have recently started weekly pizza nights, and I quickly settled on the idea of making mini pizza cutters so that we would all be able to cut our own personal pizzas.  In order to fit mold size constraints, I chose to model the shape of my cutters after a slice of pizza rather than the classic, long-handle design.​​


This project truly taught me the subtle nuances of injection molding, and having the opportunity to actually machine a mold and shoot the parts gave me a deep understanding of the process that I will carry forward with me when designing parts for injection molding in the future.  I also learned how to think critically and be creative in how to prototype and test early on before committing to a mold, as the process can be rather time consuming and costly.

Hard Skills
  • Injection Molding

  • CAD

  • CAM

  • CNC

Soft Skills
  • Prototyping 

  • Time Management

  • Communication

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