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Bipedal Biomimetic Robot


My team was tasked with creating an autonomous, bipedal robot. After researching the kinematics of dinosaur and bird motion, we explored different linkage configurations to derive a stable, steady gait for our robot. We sought to design a robot modeling the kinematics of an African red-billed hornbill, whose most famous representative is Zazu from The Lion King.


Zazu’s final design depended on numerous mechanical iterations to improve functionality and biomimicry. We iterated on different leg linkage configurations Zazu’s feet emulated rockers to stabilize his motion. Other design specifications for improved stability included minimizing material for Zazu’s frame and reducing the width of the body cavity to concentrate the mass low to the ground and centered over the feet. 

Hard Skills
  • Solidworks

  • Laser Cutting

  • Power Analysis

  • Robotic Design

  • Writing a Technical Report

  • Linkage and Gear Train Design

Soft Skills
  • Teamwork​

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Communication

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